Artificial Intelligence Driven Concierge

Concierge management and guest communications technology

Alfred allows you to get in touch with your guests in an efficient and immediate way. Alfred, through its artificial intelligence interface provides its guests with a simple and intuitive communication channel, achieving greater happiness of the host.

Get in touch

Guests happier and connected, all the time.

Manage your hotel cleverly

Optimize your hotel’s resources.

Understand your clients

Understand the wishes of our guests, even before they request them.

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ALFRED concierge
will assist you instantly!

Driven by A.I. will assist your guest 24x7.
Using Machine Learning to auto adapt to your hotel.

Give users a better experience

From a single platform your guests can create all their requests.

Centralize tasks

Easily ask for reservations, transportation, packages, wake-up calls, lost and found items, and everything else, all in one place.

Designed for managers, front desk employees or area coordinator

Imagine an environment where you can communicate with the client in the fastest, most effective way and the cordiality that an aritificial intelligence environment can give you, which is nourished by the thousands of tasks and requests that are given daily in all our connected hotels.

The data power at your advantage

The system constantly learns from guests and hotel employees, based on that, has the ability to take preventive tasks, anticipating future inconveniences or claims.

Understand clients

Alfred has the ability to generate analysis of each guest and categorize it into a profile with their tastes, customs and requirements.


A.I. at your fingertips

The most advanced A.I. concierge in your mobile.

Be one step forward

Predict guest behaviour using artificial intelligence.

Be smarter

Reward hotel team members based on metrics.

Get in control

Track tasks and rise alarms if necessary.

Create community

Engage users with the app after checkout and connect it with the brand.